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The weather in the spring, summer, and fall months is usually warm and sunny with very low precipitation. The percent of sunshine during the year ranges from 77-78 in the winter to 93- 94 in the summer. In general it’s a beautiful warm, sunny, climate--ideal for lovers of the outdoors. 

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Accepting An Offer > Negotiating Factors

Negotiations for the sale of a home can be affected by emotional factors. For example, it is easy to be offended by someone who is making an offer on your property. Even if the buyers love your house, they are trying to negotiate the best possible price and terms. They probably will not let you know how much they want your home until they have negotiated a purchase agreement.

Buyers almost never write offers that please the sellers entirely. Offers and counter offers may be traded back and forth over days or weeks. Terms of the sale will be discussed and deadlines will be set. When there is finally a meeting of the minds, both sides may feel relieved but exhausted by the process. One of a real estate agent's most important jobs is to act as the intermediary during such negotiations. With your agents knowledge of financing, negotiation procedures, and the tax laws affecting real estate sales, agents come up with creative solutions to the challenges that may arise.

Real Estate Trivia

Q: What areas are known as the 'silk stocking' districts of this famous city?

A : In Central Park West, Fifth Avenue and Park Avenue in Manhattan, apartments go for $222,610 to $282,709 per room.

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As a Phoenix native and lifetime resident Brad Turk's knowledge of the area and local community is one of his strongest assets. Brad has built a solid reputation for success by understanding what home really means. If you asked a group of people to define what home means to them, you might be surprised at their answers - they would be as diverse as the people themselves. Home means different things to different people - it's where you live your life, nurture your dreams, and reap the rewards of a lifetime of hard work. Handling every detail with ease and expertise, Brad's successful real estate transactions are the result of strong negotiating skills, market knowledge and industry experience. Add innovative marketing, fresh concepts, and a genuine understanding of the real estate process, and you will quickly see why Brad Turk and The Turk Teamconsistenly deliver results that exceed client expectations. Honest, passionate and dependable, Brad Turk and The Turk Team are the consummate real estate professionals who can handle all of your real estate needs. Whether you're moving around the corner or across town, if it's time to move on with your life...it's time to call The Turk Team.