Creative Offers

Putting together an offer on a home is easy if the buyer has a lot of money, a terrific job and impeccable credit. Many buyers are not in that precise situation, however. And while sellers like to get their asking price, good listing agents prepare them for the possibility of receiving offers that involve some compromises.

Successful real estate agents know how to put together creative offers and do whatever it takes to make a transaction work. If a buyer is low on cash, the agent may structure an offer that shifts closing costs to the seller, minimizing the amount of cash that the buyer needs to close. A variation of a lease purchase arrangement might be effective if a buyer has recently changed jobs or is self-employed. Owner-financing for part of the loan can make a difference in some cases. If your agent brings you a complex offer designed to get a buyer into your home, don't say "no" until you understand the offer.

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