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A recent study conducted by the National Center for Real Estate Research evaluated the features of a home based on what each contributes to the selling price.

According to the study, the feature that can most dramatically increase the value of a home is an additional full bathroom, upping the selling price by a remarkable 24 percent. Installing an extra half-bath can add 15 percent to the selling price. A garage, a fireplace and a central air conditioning unit each add a little more than 12 percent to the home's market value. A laundry room located on the main floor of the home increases its value by 15 percent, while a basement laundry room can potentially reduce the home's overall value. Homes with raised or vaulted ceilings sell for 6.2 percent more than identical homes with standard ceilings. Each extra bedroom increases the price by 4.1 percent. A family room adds 7.3 percent, and a dining room is worth 6.2 percent. A view of the water adds 7.8 percent, but a golf course view is better at 8.1 percent. A home built on the waterfront is worth 18 percent more than the same home in a landlocked location.

Every real estate market is different, so consult your real estate agent regarding the resale value of your home's special features.

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